Actually, this is sort of a double duty post- yes I’m going to do my run through of the albums I’ve listened to this past week, but before I get into that I’m going to talk about the music I was listening to during New Zealand Music Month…and the lack of posts last month So… […]

If you’ve ever written a scholarly article that’s been peer reviewed, you’ll know all the jokes about ‘reviewer 2’ and their dissatisfaction with your writing. But surely there’s a better way? I’m thinking about this because I’ve just had an experience of the exact opposite. I’m working on revisions for an article soon to be […]

No real comments on the albums this time. I usually would try, but I’ve been so busy with the first of my NZ Music Month talks that I don’t know if I’ve got anything left in my brain…this is just the little bit of non-talk related music that I’ve listened to this week. Pet Shop […]

So…you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in the past…month. That’s because I’ve been doing some hardcore research and writing for a project on my nzjazz blog. Firstly this has meant that I’ve sometimes been working in places where I couldn’t listen to music. Secondly I’ve discovered that I can’t do new writing […]

(NZ) La Petite Manouche Odd Times Odd Places 2013 La Petite Manouche Christchurch based guitar duo La Petite Manouche is inspired by Django Reinhardt and Manouche (French gypsy) jazz of the 1930s and 40s. A very lively fun album, and while their overt influences may be from a distant time and place, that doesn’t mean […]

Empire of the Sun Walking on a Dream 2008 The Sleepy Jackson Pty and Nick Littlemore Australian EDM duo Empire of the Sun have been around for quite a while now, but they don’t have a huge discography. From what I gather they are more of a live performance band (they wear elaborate costumes and […]

Tess Said So I Did That Tomorrow 2014 Preserved Sound As I’ve said before the great thing about social media (in this case Twitter), is that it can introduce you to so many interesting artists. In this case I started following the duo Tess Said So on Twitter a few months ago- before I had […]