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Very Important Announcement

I’m very pleased to announce that I am the Auckland Libraries Sir George Grey Researcher in Residence for 2016/2017. For my residency I’ll be researching the Jazz Age in Auckland. This project is part of a longer on-going project on the Jazz Age in New Zealand, which I’m hoping that will be published as a […]

The Listening Project- week ending June 12

Actually, this is sort of a double duty post- yes I’m going to do my run through of the albums I’ve listened to this past week, but before I get into that I’m going to talk about the music I was listening to during New Zealand Music Month…and the lack of posts last month So… […]

The problem of ‘reviewer 2’

If you’ve ever written a scholarly article that’s been peer reviewed, you’ll know all the jokes about ‘reviewer 2’ and their dissatisfaction with your writing. But surely there’s a better way? I’m thinking about this because I’ve just had an experience of the exact opposite. I’m working on revisions for an article soon to be […]

The unintended hiatus

So…you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in the past…month. That’s because I’ve been doing some hardcore research and writing for a project on my nzjazz blog. Firstly this has meant that I’ve sometimes been working in places where I couldn’t listen to music. Secondly I’ve discovered that I can’t do new writing […]

The Knowledge: Jazz

  The Knowledge: Jazz by John Fordham (Quadrille: 2015) is a small, compact book that gives people a way into jazz. This book is clearly designed for people with absolutely no knowledge of jazz, and Fordham- The Guardian’s long standing jazz critic- writes in such a way that the complexities are not overwhelming for novices. […]

Gunther Schuller and the Crisis of Jazz Criticism- a reply

Last week I saw an article in 2paragraphs about the death of Gunther Schuller and the crisis of jazz criticism. The author was remarking on the lack of young voices in jazz criticism compared to literary criticism. As a young jazz commentator (and including a number of colleagues and friends in the jazz world), I […]

Context in Fiction

Context is everything. It seems like a simple concept, but as I have explained elsewhere, and I repeatedly tell my music history students (both classical and jazz), the idea of historical context can be a tricky thing for us in the twenty-first century. And I’ve come to realise recently that this also applies to the […]