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Click-bait-y music journalism gets my goat

I don’t normally rant about things I see online- it’s a waste of all our time, but every now and then I see something that I just have to comment on. I was flicking through the headlines in the NZ Herald online this morning and saw this: ‘Two Reasons Yesterday was a Crime Against Music’. […]

New Zealand closed at 5

Except that it didn’t… It’s a frequent plaint among wannabe historians that until the late twentieth century that ‘New Zealand closed at 5’. I even heard this recently on a local architectural programme as a reason for why New Zealand housing in the early and mid-twentieth century was not ‘architecturally significant’. The propagation of this […]

Very Important Announcement

I’m very pleased to announce that I am the Auckland Libraries Sir George Grey Researcher in Residence for 2016/2017. For my residency I’ll be researching the Jazz Age in Auckland. This project is part of a longer on-going project on the Jazz Age in New Zealand, which I’m hoping that will be published as a […]

The Listening Project- week ending 10 July

This week I was preparing for a talk at Auckland University’s Centre for Continuing Education’s Winter Week. My talk was on the Jazz Age in New Zealand, so to get myself in the preparation mood, I listened to a ton of 1920s music       I deliberately avoided classic 1920s American jazz because that […]

The Listening Project- week ending July 3

A two week edition this time. You’ll notice there’s a lot of Argentine tango this time round- I’ve been prepping to teach a class (dance not music- that’s one of my other jobs), so I’ve been searching out all sorts of music that could be useful in a class situation rather than just dancing to […]

The Listening Project week ending 19 June

(NZ) Katchafire Best So Far Katchafire 2013 This last week Katchafire has been in the news lamenting about the lack of an audience in NZ, when they have sell out crowds in the US and elsewhere. As I couldn’t have said whether I’d ever deliberately listened to them before, I decided to give them a […]

The Listening Project- week ending June 12

Actually, this is sort of a double duty post- yes I’m going to do my run through of the albums I’ve listened to this past week, but before I get into that I’m going to talk about the music I was listening to during New Zealand Music Month…and the lack of posts last month So… […]