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The problem of ‘reviewer 2’

If you’ve ever written a scholarly article that’s been peer reviewed, you’ll know all the jokes about ‘reviewer 2’ and their dissatisfaction with your writing. But surely there’s a better way? I’m thinking about this because I’ve just had an experience of the exact opposite. I’m working on revisions for an article soon to be […]

Listening to history

I’ve been thinking recently about the importance of knowing about technological developments and how they affect how we listen. This came up first in a conversation with colleagues about early electro-acoustic music (Stockhausen, Lilburn, etc) and how it sounds to us know in the 21st century, and then a few days later I was listening […]

Making of ‘Good Times’ and Industry Behaviour

Yesterday an article on the making of Kim Dot Com’s album Good Times was released detailing the madness and excess, the extreme highs and lows of the process, and I was shocked. Not by the excess displayed- I’m sure worse has happened with certain notorious metal and rock acts (even jazz bands in the mid-twentieth […]