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The problem of ‘reviewer 2’

If you’ve ever written a scholarly article that’s been peer reviewed, you’ll know all the jokes about ‘reviewer 2’ and their dissatisfaction with your writing. But surely there’s a better way? I’m thinking about this because I’ve just had an experience of the exact opposite. I’m working on revisions for an article soon to be […]

Ballet Revolucion: review

Ballet Revolucion is a high-octane extravaganza of incredible technique and bravura dancing. The production is set around a number of loose tableaus that focus on the joy of dance, with rarely less that three members of the company on stage at any one time. While some of the choreography was fairly simple this seemed to be […]

Singing on Anzac Day

In attending a dawn service and watching coverage of the national (New Zealand) and Gallipoli services yesterday (25 April) I was struck by the fact that attendees did not really sing during the hymns and anthems. Now I know that New Zealanders are not really a singing people, and I know that we are now […]

Anzac Day

This morning I attended my first ever dawn service for Anzac Day. I’ve attended my fair share of civic services, but I felt that this year (being the centenary of the landings at Anzac Cove) I should make the effort and the pilgrimage to go to a dawn service. Since I live close enough to […]