The Listening Project- week ending 10 July

This week I was preparing for a talk at Auckland University’s Centre for Continuing Education’s Winter Week. My talk was on the Jazz Age in New Zealand, so to get myself in the preparation mood, I listened to a ton of 1920s music




I deliberately avoided classic 1920s American jazz because that was really a very small part of the music that was imported into New Zealand in the 1920s- really small, because the way music was imported was very convoluted and mediated, I’ll write about it sometime over on nzjazz. So the compilations above wer rally more of the type of jazz that the average Kiwi would have heard.

Frank Wess Anytime on My Mind 2015 EFM Songs

This seems to be a reorganised Jazz For Playboys (1957), and I’m really not sure why (asides from business). I chose it because it didn’t seem familiar, but the I realised part way through that, yes I have heard it in a different context. Anyway, This is Frank Wess (flute/sax) and Joe Newman (trumpet) at the peak of their powers- it’s not quite as good as their duet ‘Midgets’ (Basie Band- April in Paris– check it out!), but it sure is fun, and with Kenny Burell on lead guitar, and a kicking rhythm section: Freddie Green guitar, Ed Thigpen and Gus Johnson drums and Eddie Jones bass, it’s a fun album no matter what it actually is.

Roger Fox Orchestra Journey Home 2011 Tbone Records

You know how some bands sound great live, but when you hear a recording you think- yeah, technically good, but it’s missing something? That’s how I always feel about the Fox band. I like this album well enough, but there are only two tracks that make me tap my toes, and none of them give me chills. It’s a pity really, but I don’t feel any drive in the work.


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