The unintended hiatus

So…you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in the past…month. That’s because I’ve been doing some hardcore research and writing for a project on my nzjazz blog. Firstly this has meant that I’ve sometimes been working in places where I couldn’t listen to music. Secondly I’ve discovered that I can’t do new writing and listen to new music- it’s got to be one or the other. I tend not to listen much when I’m writing anyway, I find it too distracting (because I want to concentrate on the music). I’m back now though, well…somewhat. I have presentations for NZ Music Month that I’m working on so the Listening Project posts will be light this month, though you will see other things going up relating to Music Month.


And one final note- If you are in Auckland please come along to my talks:

Birkenhead Library May 8 2pm- Auckland’s Jazz Heritage (with special guests)

Central Library May 19 6pm- Auckland’s Jazz Heritage

Birkenhead May 22 2pm- 1950s Jazz Concerts


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