The Listening Project- week ending March 6

European Swing Giants vol. 4 West Germany 1949-1955 2013 Jube Pops

I’m really liking this series of compilations- such a fun way of expanding my knowledge and ear on European jazz- it’s interesting hearing the similarities and differences between other non-US jazz cultures of the same periods.


Brazilian Jazz Highlights 2014 U-5

Another compilation, this one a bit more all over the place. Some actual Brazilian jazz (as in composed and performed by Brazilian artists) some US composers/performers working in the idea of the Brazilian tradition. I’m not as enthusiastic over this one, but it has introduced me to several Brazilian jazz artists who might be interesting if I can find albums of their work.

Scandinavian Jazz Quartet A Night in Bilbao 2013 Ambia Music

For once the term Scandi-jazz is appropriate. This quartet features musicians (and guests) from across the Scandinavian region

Kendrick Lamar Untitled Unmastered 2016 Aftermath/Interscope

Since so many of my colleagues were talking about this in the past couple of days I figured I should check it out. It’s really interesting to hear an album as a work in progress- even if it’s not really my sort of thing. There are some things that I find really interesting, and some not. Interestingly I noted that Spotify did not play a single ad during this EP…coincidence?


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