The Listening Project- week ending February 28

This is a two-week post since I’ve had a ton of stuff going on, which has prevented me from getting quality listening time in. This week (well, fortnight) I’ve decided to stay away from American artists (dare I say the hegemony…?) and go elsewhere in the world. Asides from increasing my knowledge of music generally, part of what I want to do in the Listening Project is increase my knowledge of jazz outside of the US and NZ (and Australia). This is partly because I’m creating a continuing education course on jazz outside the US, but part of it is for me.

The Minyawi Project featuring Natacha Atlas 2010 Anadolu Tur Reklam


I was looking for things by the singer Natacha Atlas (whom I’ve heard a couple of things by and I was intrigued by her voice) and I came across this little album. While it only features Atlas a small amount it’s ¬†nonetheless intriguing. Interestingly very little has been written about this album- not even reviews that I could find. The most useful was a document I found which talks about the musicians and how this album came together (if you google The Minyawi Project you’ll find it pretty easily) .


Afro-Celt Sound System Capture 1995-2010 2010 Real World Records


A fantastic retrospective album for Afro-Celt Sound System. I’ve always loved the combinations of musical cultures that get melded together- it’s a good reminder that despite seemingly vast cultural differences that music can bring peoples together to create something different.


The Rough Guide to Arabic Jazz 2014 World Music Network


As I said above, I want to become familiar with more jazz around the world, and a compilation like the Rough Guide’s are always a good place to start. It’s also a good think about what is and isn’t ‘jazz’ and how people interpret what jazz can be.


(NZ) Reuben Bradley Resonater 2010 Rattle Jazz

One of New Zealand’s top jazz drummers this is one of Bradley’s earlier albums. His music is always interesting and surprising and takes you on so many fantastic journey’s. If you want to hear me rave about him read my review of his latest album ‘Cthulhu Rising’ in NZ Musician.

European Swing Giants 1936-1942 2013 Jube Pops


Another compilation and effort to get to know jazz bands I don’t know. This one being European jazz- unlike the Arabic jazz compilation this one doesn’t challenge my ideas about what is and isn’t jazz, but it does give an interesting insight into the interpretation of American jazz in Europe during the early swing period.


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