The Listening Project- week ending 14 February

Rebirth Brass Move your Body 2014 Basin Street Records

For Mardi Gras my favourite NOLA brass band! Nuff said.


Snarky Puppy The World is Getting Smaller 2007 SiTMoM Records

I’ve been hearing about Snarky Puppy for the past couple of years so I thought it was time to actually listen to them. This is their first album, which is pretty solid, but I found it sometimes slides into the ‘academic’ (as in it sounds very much like university band- albeit a very good one). Their most recent album Family Dinner Volume Two (2016 GroundUp Music) really demonstrates how much they’ve matured in the past 8 years. This album has some very interesting collaborations going on:



The Suffers Make Some Room 2015 Rhyme and Reason Records

Slow It Down/Step Aside

The internet is a wonderful place for finding new music. I just came across this group through Twitter- as I love a good funk/soul band I decided to check them out. They’re definitely going on my regular music rotation!

(NZ) The Wellington City Shake ‘Em On Downers Live at Orange 2015

The second album by this ’20s/30s/40s Dixie/New Orleans/swing revival band recorded at Christchurch’s Orange Studios. It’s an interesting contrast from their debut album– that was mostly originals in the New Orleans Style, whereas this is going back to repertoire of the day (some standards some not by today’s standards). It’s a fantastically fun album which will get you up an moving.


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