The Listening Project- week ending 7 February

(NZ) Gin Wigmore Blood to Bone 2015 Universal Music

For some reason NZ singer Gin Wigmore’s latest album (see- keeping up with pop music!) give me very 1990s/early 2000s vibes. I feel that there are a lot of influences from 90s indie bands and bands such as Portishead in this album. Also ‘Written in the Water’ makes a kick-ass medium paced quickstep!


The Crystal Method The Crystal Method 2014 Tiny e Records



Fat Boy Slim Why Try Harder (The Greatest Hits) 2006 Skint Records

Listening to Gin Wigmore really did put me in mind of the early 2000s so I decided to go back and revisit two of my favourite EDM artists from that period. Having not listened to either The Crystal Method of Fat Boy Slim for a decade it’s interesting to go back and figure out what exactly I liked about them then…and more importantly why I stopped listening to them (well, that was more time…and not going clubbing anymore).

Gilles Peterson’s Carnival Mix- via The Vinyl Factory

Listen to Gilles Peterson’s Brazilian vinyl-only Carnival mix

As Monty Python would say- and now for something completely different. Gilles Peterson’s playlists are always interesting, and this one is a great representation of 1960s and 1970s (maybe also some 1980s) Brazilian pop music.


No jazz this week- not really for any reason, I just didn’t get around to the pile that’s sitting on my desk right now. Next week though…



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