The Listening Project -week ending 24 January

(NZ) Gareth Farr Gareth Farr Shadow of the Hawk 2005 Morrison Music Trust


One of my favourite modern New Zealand composers and this album has some of my favourite pieces by him.

Shakey Graves And the War Came 2015 Dualtone Music


I first heard the Shakey Graves on a yoga video on Youtube of all places, so I’ve wanted to check them out for about a year now.

The Eagles Live 1980 Elektra/Asylum Records


This week- how could I not?

The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground and Nico 45th Anniversary 1967/2012 Universal


Confession time- I’ve never listened to The Velvet Underground before. I know- they’re hugely influential on so many musicians, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. I’m not sure what I think of them, I may need to listen to several more albums before I decide anything about them. It’s not love at first listen on this one

(NZ) Carolina Moon Mother Tongue- Songs from the medieval heart of Judeo Spain 2011 Ode Records


A beautiful melancholy album by New Zealand singer Carolina Moon. While she is best know as a jazz singer she also explores many different facets of singing from different areas of the world and different periods of history. This is a collection of Jewish music from Spain composed between 1100 and 1492 performed by a group of improvising musicians on contemporary instruments. This is not a Historically Informed Performance- nor is it meant to be- but rather bringing these beautiful songs into the modern light.

(NZ) Dave Dobbyn Footrot Flats A Dog’s Tale- the Soundtrack 2005 (remastered) Magpie Productions


This is a classic New Zealand animated film from the 1980s based on the cartoons by Murray Ball- every kid of my generation grew up with it- and part of the reason it has endured is this sound track. ‘Slice of Heaven’ was playing on the radio in the car earlier and it made me all nostalgic- it’s a perfect summer’s day track, and so very typically Kiwi.



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