The Listening Project- week ending 17 January

Miles Davis My Funny Valentine 1965 Columbia


This is the album release of part of the Davis Quintet’s 1964 concert at Philharmonic Hall in New York (the rest of the concert was released as Four and More). This concert was part of a series of events organised by the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) to encourage African-American’s to register for the vote. It was a historically important concert because Davis also dedicated this concert to the memory of John F Kennedy. Also, it contains on of my absolute favourite renditions of ‘My Funny Valentine’.

David Bowie Mashable playlist


How could I not include a Bowie entry this week? I did think about listening to his last album for this, but like Terry Pratchett’s last book if I don’t then there will always be one more creative project to listen to…well, that’s the plan- I may cave in a few years…

In any case I spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday just binging on Bowie.

(NZ) Superhero Secondline Better Second Line

A young Auckland band in the NOLA second line tradition playing traditional/non-traditional second line music (they have arrangements of the Ghostbusters theme and Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Fire’ among other things) and originals written by the band. They’re a lot of fun to listen to, and even more to watch as they regularly parade around Auckland before gigs in costume. While they have put their album on Spotify (as above) I thoroughly recommend that you buy their album from their Bandcamp page:

Duke Ellington Echoes of Harlem 1936-1938 2003 Naxos


A compilation of Duke’s late 1930s work featuring some of my favourite line up’s and pieces (and in particular specific arrangements of these pieces)

Mucca Pazza A Little Marching Band 2006 Mucca Pazza


I first heard Mucca Pazza (Mad Cow in Italian- an apt name!) on NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts roundup for last year and was immediately hooked. I have no idea how to adequately describe them, they have so many influences. They are a marching band that isn’t- I’ll say that much. Otherwise, just go listen!


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