The Listening Project- week ending 3 January

Just a short list this week since I only started this on the first. I’m easing myself into this with a mix of old and new favourites.

Jethro TullLive at Madison Square Garden 1978 2009 Chrysalis Records


I’ve been a fan of Jethro Tull since I was in my teens. It was the first non-classical, non-jazz flute I’d ever heard and as a young flutist trying to find their identity away from the classical world, it was highly influential. I find it really astonishing that such a seminal concert in Jethro Tull’s career (this was when they were at their 1970s peak and the concert was broadcast live via satellite to Britain- a huge deal at the time) has only been recently released in its entirety. Still better late than never for those fans who couldn’t experience it at the time.

The Pop Matters blog has a great review of this concert too- makes me want to watch the DVD even more!

Parov StelarThe Princess 2012 Etage Noir Recordings


(for Part 1 of the album)

I’ve loved Parov Stelar since I first heard Coco 2 years ago. What I most enjoy about their albums is that they’re the sonic equivalent of a novel. Or actually perhaps a series of novels (something like Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time or George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire)- as there are references back to previous albums with the use of a familiar sample, or reinterpretations of songs. It gives a great sense of continuity and development of the musical characters that inhabit the songs.

(NZ) Richter City RebelsWe Do It Like That 2014


Richter City Rebels are an exciting Wellington band that are born out of the New Orleans Brass Band/Secondline tradition with a few fun cross-pollinations along the way. I love the liveliness of this band (if you ever get the chance to see them live, do!) and that they pay respect to the traditions they draw on, but the music (even when they play standard repertoire) is never a museum piece, it is alive and changing all the time. This is their latest album for the others see their website, and their Bandcamp page

That’s all for this first instalment- now to think about what I’m going to listen to next week….


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