The Listening Project

I’ve been thinking lately about the listening that I do, and the listening that I don’t do and should! So I’ve decided to up the ante and get myself more in the listening groove with The Listening Project. The Listening Project will essentially be me posting and maybe commenting on the things I listen to every week for at least the next year. It’s going to cover all genres and be a mix of new listening (both new and new to me) and re-listening from across all time and space. Some of it will be work related (CDs that I’m reviewing for various places or lecture/presentation preparation) and some not. My one rule for myself is to listen to at least one New Zealand related album every week for which I’ll add in links for streaming/purchase availability (non-NZ albums will just have basic publishing metadata).

I encourage you to comment on things I’ve been listening to (but please no ‘that sucks, why are you listening to that- you’ve got terrible taste’ comments- those will be moderated out of existence immediately because the whole point of this is to expand the ears in all directions), and please feel free to suggest artists/bands I should listen to. You can either comment on the posts or tweet me: @nzjazzhistory. I can’t promise I’ll get to things that you suggest (in some cases I may not be able to get hold of things- yes even in this day and age it still happens), but I’ll try.

I hope you enjoy this experience, and please feel free to tag along and do your own listening project.


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